Joker and Robbers, Trump and White Supremacists: Batman Video clips demonstrate methods

Joker and Robbers, Trump and White Supremacists: Batman Video clips demonstrate methods

1. thugs, goons, gangsters criminals do dirty work

SEE to understand what this dirty work of a political psychopath in USA is versus other countries with no controls of human rights:

the joker batman in nurse uniform and symbol of world psychopathic politicians and donald trump

2. thugs use goons, and eventually use Mobsters or get rid of them (kill, or as in case of a president, ruin their life so they disappear in obscurity)

3. All, the Psychopath and the Thugs / Goons, have no regard for the humanity, needs, or life of others…..not one drop. Others are readily disposable, which disposing of them gives the Psychopath a rare moment of satisfaction.

See the catalog above for full info in 7 of Dr. Bunch’s books on political psychopaths and dangerous narcissists.

Psychopaths, Pirates, Vampires, and more:

The Joker

Symbol of Psychopathy

More Psychopath Information @

book on Donald Trump, Psychopathic Politicians Vampires and Pirates by Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D.

Run, flee, tell others!

300 topics on this listed below in the Cloud Archive:

Click Here: Catalog of 100 Books, Kindle, Hypnosis Binaural Subliminal CDs

7 Books on Knowing Narcissists and Defending Yourself Against Abuse

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