Brinksmanship: Political Psychopaths and Bullies with Bombs and Big Penis Claims

Brinksmanship: Political Psychopaths and Bullies with Bombs and Big Penis Claims

part 2, Donald has always wanted to push the Nuke button, actually obsessed with it. This pattern is shared by 14 year old budding psychopaths obsession with guns and use of power (think Columbine or Sandy Hook Mass killers).

part 1:

See 7 books below by Dr. Bunch to understand the age-regressed behavior and attitudes of narcissists and psychopaths.  Narcissists tend, even as adult to have ideals and even language of a self-absorbed 15 year old.

Many serial killers and mass killers have an age 10 to 12 year old obsession with guns, bullets, fire power, war, and being in control. For a bit more on this, see Dr. Bunch’s book on Sandy Hook Mass Shooting, in the catalog above.

from the BBC:

 It’s part of a political worldview that has long since solidified into
firm beliefs for the septuagenarian. His thoughts on trade have been
influenced by the American industrial might of the post-World War Two
era. His demographic views of the nation hark back to an ethnic
homogeneity that has long since vanished. And his thoughts on atomic
weaponry reflect a certain strain of Cold War arms-race enthusiasm and
diplomatic brinkmanship.

 rest of article:

Psychopaths, Pirates, Vampires, and more:

book on Donald Trump, Psychopathic Politicians Vampires and Pirates by Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D.

Run, flee, tell others!

300 topics on this listed below in the Cloud Archive:

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7 Books on Knowing Narcissists and Defending Yourself Against Abuse

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