3 things Movie “The Interview” has right on Kim Jong-un, and Donald Trump has 100% wrong.

3 things Movie “The Interview” has right on Kim Jong-un, and Donald Trump has 100% wrong.

trump kim jon-un lessons from movie hannibal lecter psychopaths

1. Kim Jong-Un is a psychopath, and will push the button

2. the people of North Korea are pawns:

If you say to a psychopath you’ll kill his people, the psychopath is either neutral or elated about this: they don’t value their people, and might even see the sacrifice of the people as good public justification for irrational nuke war…..

3. therefore, the only solution to both Kim Jong-Un and even psychopathic US politicians is: removal

a. best case scenario is: you read the books listed here on political psychopaths and their motives of greedy gain and slavery of the people, so you knew before he came to full power he was a psychopath and you put him in prison: ala Hannibal Lecter movie.

b. worst case scenario, if you have let it go to far, the world has let Kim Jong-Un go to far, and only the psychopath needs “taken out”, ala Bin Laden. In the case of Kim, if he is removed, since there are no heirs, NK will topple, and former followers of Kim will cower.

All this info on motives and outcomes of Kim and Donald Trump: outlined in the book on this site by Dr. Charles K. Bunch.

Question 1: do you know the 6 types of minions, mindless followers of psychopathic dictators worldwide? Your life may depend on knowing this.

Question 2: Do you know why psychopaths consider others, all others less than cattle, a dirty kleenex to be tossed.

Question 3: How many persons has Trump used and tossed this year. But, how many persons have been symbolically tossed: ignored for jobs, positions, and opportunities? Hint: the answer is the opposite of this: White Male Supremacy Trump Cabinet and Elitist Cohorts. 

trump kim jong-un nuke button info found in movie The Interview

Psychopaths, Pirates, Vampires, and more:

book on Donald Trump, Psychopathic Politicians Vampires and Pirates by Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D.

Run, flee, tell others!

300 topics on this listed below in the Cloud Archive:

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7 Books on Knowing Narcissists and Defending Yourself Against Abuse

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