Captain Hook Uses 3 Types of Tweet Baiting YOU need to know

You got Played and Trump used
Tweet Baiting to Distract you this week

How did Captain Hook get his Name???

      It’s an ancient story of Psychopathic Leaders really. Find more

see 15 methods of Lies, books to left, and topics below in the topic cloud:

  • baiting
  • conning
  • deceit
  • lies

Tweet Baiting: creating a false conflict, bring up an old conflict, taunting a rival / enemy, attack on women especially normal sized women, using an offtrack story to

A. create a controversy as a distraction
B. you are the target to distract
C. the Tweet Baiting Controversy is intended to COVER UP another action by the Psychopathic Person. The “other action” would be a presidential order, bad news revealed about him or about to be revealed. If the news is known to hit the media / news in a while, and the Psychopath has a jump on the matter, the Tweet Baiting is then a Preemptive Military Type Strike.

This is similar to Bait and Switch.

See the books on Psychopaths to the left, including Evil and Clowns and 15 Methods of Lies and Deceit of Psychopaths and Trump, because they define these methods of deceit.

YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE METHODS NOW, and in your life long term to deal with cons.

Here is an example of how this works:

Rule: there must be the same or larger “quantity” of Tweet Baiting / Tweet Storm / Conflict GENERATION / Distraction of You… match the controversy / con / lie the Psychopath is attempting to Overshadow / Hide / Get you to Ignore.

Example 1:

on our own subjective scale of 1-10, 10 being worst

Let’s call this a Level 1 Tweet Bait
A. Trying to cover up or distract you from his new presidential order to be signed today that removes some right of buyers, races, elderly, school children, Hispanics, Muslims, poor, Blacks.
B. This calls for simply a Level 1 Tweet Bait: he attacks some woman or actress out of the blue

Example 2:

Let’s call this a Level 5 Tweet Bait
A. Covering up removal of regulations of banks, industries, water, environment protections, all occurring during the week.
B. This calls for a level Battery or “machine gun rounds” of Tweet Baits, of low level targets, but several per day: could include various new, and fully bizarre Tweet Attacks of public figures, mayors, governors, old conflict figures (Bill Clinton), as long as there are more Tweet Attacks then presidential orders signed.

Example 3:

Let’s call this a level 10
A. Trump is going to G20 to meet and coordinate massive plans with Putin. This would include ingnoring public desire, throwing China under the bridge recently, lying about contacts with Putin and Russia though even on this publication day, another of the plethora of Russian Contacts, this one with Kushner and Russian Attorney revealed, deals being started, and his many private businesses and investments will expand into Russian countries, and Ivanka is introduced as future negotiator and President elect for 2024…..etc.
B.  Trump takes a risk on Tweet Baits, including targeting New York Times, Various TV Personalities, and drops certain bizarre bombs “Mika has a bloody face, I said no”.  A level 10 is one or more Tweet Baits that go viral fast and generate immediate news show commentary and Dem outrage. This is a full distraction of A. And, you got Tweet Baited.

Well, what’s the purpose of that bigly Hook????

See the books on 15 methods and Evil Clowns, and below:

  • methods of war against you by the Psychopath
  • deceit
  • lies 

But, importantly see the stand alone articles and graphics on HOODWINKED. Those articles include BBC videos on the topic.

How are you being Tweet Baited right now? How is the media being Tweet Baited.

Remember, those in the Psychopath’s cannon sight are always hurt, damaged. See articles below on bullies, and the booklet on left on Trump Trauma. 

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