Wonder Woman: Metaphor of Critical Balance of Woman’s Voice countering rampant male forces

Wonder Woman: Metaphor of Critical Balance of Woman’s Voice countering rampant male forces.

 Waking up the Feminine Within, Bringing Balance to Society
Wake up, ALL. Men and Women both.
old poster lady libert is like voice of women divine feminine countering rampant male energies like donald trump and staff
Lady Liberty in us All: wake up

wonder woman film amazons: old poster lady libert is like voice of women divine feminine countering rampant male energies like donald trump and staff

Carl Jung, psychiatrists, said that rampant male energy and forces have now run their course. History was known for pre 250BC times to have had female dominated societies. Remnants of those are found in today’s indigenous beliefs and Celtic and Wiccan philosophies.

At that turning point in history, male dominated society too over the Maternal age and replaced it with the Paternal age, the one sputtering out at this time. this age was one of pioneerism but also of aggression, hostility, and genocides. Left without check, Paternalism allows or promotes the rise of Narcissism and Psychopathy, and the full repression of
children and elderly
foreign cultures
and large groups of marginalized or abused, including male and female slaves and the taking of children by countries to provide laborers and warriors
the use of governments and ALL religions to justify takeover, genocides, and greed

Carl Jung said that Paternalism has reached a sick point, and only one thing could save us: he called this the wedding of the 2 forces. The Female force would be brought back via each person to make corporate change. It would occur in each person’s soul that this wedding would occur, and then governments, humanity, and planet earth could be saved.

Male force alone could not save us……it is the force of the greedy in the movie Avatar: this force seeks only to get the mineral Unobtanium and has no regard for nature, cultures, or peoples. Literally, for this male force, the leaders who are allowed to rise to the top, the psychopaths, see people and nature as only a commodity. Dominate minorities, races, animals, and forests for your current use.

Avatar is THE movie of this matter, demonstrated in all stages. Why not do like I do, and watch the movie several times and study it, seeing the play of forces separated and the the change in the movie hero and heroine. It is as Jung Described.

I recommend the movie Wonder Woman because it promotes the voice of the woman and has a bit of the mythology of the Amazons. However, the basis of the movie serves the need of the fine Marvel Franchise: a bad war is replaced only with a good war, not peace, as the series of films must continue as there must be an invading enemy. In Avatar, the movie comes to a more realistic end: there is the Jungian Wedding of the two parts, in each soul.

In the movie Wonder Woman, we see this play of forces. The Amazons, it was stated, was created by Zeus to one day save all from the rampant evil male force. “We are here to bring balance to the world”.

Some have been critics of this movie, but then there is a world full of film critiques. I look rather for the hidden story, and in this movie, a demonstration of a rare Marvel Comics Hero, a mythological Amazon who fights darkness and protects the weak.

It is from these two stories we see this tension that Jung discussed, the wedding to take place in our soul of feminine and masculine energies, the wedding of Maternal Age and Paternal Age: becoming the new age of Jung’s descriptions: the age of Wholeness, Soul, and Healing for all.

This ends the need for men to rid themselves of their teen male ego: allow their feminine side to exist, to show kindness, to find the Goddess within. And, for women, this means not having to act cruel like Palin or Betsy Devoss: care is matched with the wise and powerful voice of the Woman Leader Within.

Carl Jung said in the middle of the last century we’re close to this wedding time. Many said it would occur definitively at a point, such as the day of Age of Aquarius, or the new Millennium day. But, our soul always makes change subtly, and often through suffering as a lesson. It takes that quest of the heart as found in the movie Avatar. I think we’re close, though many days I can only see Evil Clowns. But, though a retired clinical therapist and author of 50 books on soul healing, I’m not rescued from my own path or quest that includes the companions of suffering and confusion before inner healing is found. It’s a healing in all of our hearts, where all persons in the world, and nature are re-enfranchised and taken care of…. It is a Quest of wholeness, meaning, purpose, respect for our inner self and that of other, a teaching of peace and promoting that instead of war, an honoring of nature, and becoming that benevolent and wise inner Divine Mother and Father to all, including out own suffering self.

Dr. Bunch

July 4, 2017

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