Liberty Speaks Against the Dark Stone Heart this July 4th

Liberty Speaks this July 4th


Not just for
one person
one group
Male Dominant Entitled Slave Owners
Psychopathic Leaders and their Greedy Spin Minions
but for all citizens.

This is not the:

malevolent heart of disorders “the Dark Malevolent Triad”: narcissism, political psychopathy, and glib machiavellians (articles below on Dark Triad to learn about)
The Colonizing British, seeking gain of goods and gold via taxation and slavery
The Psychopathic Mass Murderer Hitlers or any other historical or contemporary dictator
The worst of greedy American business: the Koch brothers and their ALEC GOP Lobby

This is the protectors of the weak and disenfranchised
The Abraham Lincolns taking a stand
The Martin Luther Kings
the Harriet Tubmans, The Rosa Parks, the Harvey Milks
This is leaders of thought, personal power, and creative civil disobedience: Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Maya Angelou

And this is about the contemporary heroes:

Bill and Melinda Gates give $55 billion to eradicate an illness not in the USA, but malaria of Africa

Top 50 Philanthropists:

What does Lady Liberty say about this now, in 2017?

In the next 12 months, what can you do daily to bring this American 500 year old value forward?

Then, what can you do urgently today, acting as if it’s your final day to do this?

More questions like these are featured in the books and booklets in catalog, all at near production cost for all.

Please add your comment below:

I’m speaking
Trying to reach you
Have something to say
It’s urgent
Are you there?
Are you listening?
Are you getting it?

old poster of lady liberty speaking on phone about equality and liberty celebrating 4th of july
old poster of Lady Liberty speaking on phone about equality and liberty celebrating 4th of July

Who is Lady Liberty? That voice within you.

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