Violent Cops? You’re Next

Kept Secret Area 51 until now:
Rocket Scientists Discover
Method to Stop Police Violence

find out  @

The Rocket Scientists found:

Treat this like a real problem: the answer is not more cops on the street or recruiting more bully 18 years olds for cops
1. Employ the brightest behavioral, psychological, and criminal experts to develop new training methods that examines the criminal mind and the mind and action of a police officer
2. Develop non-violent methods and technologies: employ our brightest researchers, Universities, and companies to develop this just as is done in the US Military. See this need as a War need to find the new and non-violent methods.
Officers use these “first line”, and are not bullets, or weapons prone to impulsive abuse: tasers and pepper spray
3. Promote “backing off” instead of aggressively moving in. Officers call in, and situation is monitored by cam and drone, or supervisor is on site
4. Increase Surveillance cams and technology. 
5. Examine the psychology of violent police officer criminals. When are they bullies, biggots, narcissists and feel others deserve punished. When do they have brain damages that cause impaired judgement and impulsive action? We know that that those we address on this website that are emotionally violent, have had childhood ADD and have a lack of compassion for others. What are the factors to screen out, those Pit Bull officers or that sad impulsive officer that kills out of fear. 


1. practices that training for a police officer is a one year program. Require a 4 year Bachelor’s degree for police officers: this broadens thinking, cultural tolerance, and problem solving abilities
2. recruiting the narcissist, the bully, the person with impulsive issues

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist, but it does take someone to find answers that rejects the White Dominant Power Game being modeled by Trump and Minions.

That’s 7. Got more? Post Below:

trump meme and police cop violence in the USA: rocket scientists find out area 51

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